now is the time to invest in your greatest asset, your health and energy. 

This camp will be one of the few investments you can make that will guarantee a return on your investment.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive with our fitness camp

  • You will become strong, slim and lean and boost your metabolism with our resistance training program.
  • You will improve your heart, endurance and overall fitness level with our cardiovascular program.
  • You will Increase your flexibility and your recovery after the workout with our dynamic flexibility program
  • You will improve your posture and stability, decrease back pain and discomfort and will start getting those sleek abs you're looking for with exercises for your abs and lower back.
  • You will melt fat, tone up, boost energy, get rid of stress, and be prepared for the demands of everyday life with a great, total body functional workout.
  • Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

This is a very unique indoor/outdoor fitness camp, designed to be fun, yet challenging. The training philosophy for this camp involves the use of functional movements.

Our goal is to train individuals to be able to withstand the grind of a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding life and daily schedule. To do this, the exercises for this camp entail learning to move the body in functional patterns which incorporate strength, balance, core stabilization and kinesthetic awareness. We accomplish this all the while having a fantastic and fun time.

You need to join us now!

Boot Camp Schedule:

Camp A:

  • Monday 6:00am
  • Wednesday 6:00am
  • Friday 6:00am

fitness camp

Nothing will change until you change.
We are here to help. NOW is the time to get moving. You can have the level of HEALTH, ENERGY, FITNESS & WELLNESS you have always wanted.
Join us  to learn how to unlock your best life and your best body ever.

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Do NOT invest ANY money in any fitness program unless it meets the following criteria

There are 6 things you should absolutely, positively look for in a fitness program before you invest your money.

1. The exercises are tailored  and modified to accommodate your  personal fitness level. If the exercises are not customized to fit your ability, then it shouldn't be a program that you follow.

2. The workout involves all components of fitness: strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training.

3. The workouts should be challenging enough so that you get results!

4. The workouts should offer plenty of variety.

5. The workouts should be fun.

6. The program should foster a sense of community


For more information:

Phone:     +1.8883485186