a premier & intimate fitness experience

Our private intimate setting is the best environment for you. 

You have tried going to big box gyms in the past and found that they are not for you. You probably found yourself being lost in the shuffle with machines that are confusing to use, classes that are difficult to keep up with and instructors who don't know your name. In that respect, The Body House  is the UN-GYM. The only exercise that goes on in our studio is private training and group classes supervised by mature, professional instructors. You will never feel alone, intimidated or lost.


About Us

Our Facility

The Body House is a 1,000 square foot facility completely outfitted with functional fitness equipment selected strictly for the purpose of weight loss, increased energy, reduction in body fat as well as

Our Fitness Family

Fitness can be a lonely journey. Studies have proven that people fair far better when they are part of a community and when they operate with an appointment and a sense of obligation. Whether you join one of our groups or choose personal training, you will be placed in the best position to achieve your fitness goals with the support and guidance you need to be successful.

Nothing will change until you change.
We are here to help. NOW is the time to get moving. You can have the level of HEALTH, ENERGY, FITNESS & WELLNESS you have always wanted.
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our Philosophy

Our focus is on the entire well-being of our  clients. We don't just build bodies. We build minds. We build people up. If you are confused as to how to begin your fitness journey or if you are looking to take your present fitness to another level, we have a program that will fit your needs.