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tony has been recognized as staten island's best trainer. 

Since 1994 Tony Books Avilez has been performing his unique version of training and motivation to Staten Island. Having trained over 24,000 sessions and thousands of clients, Tony brings an unparalleled level of knowledge, experience and dedication the service he provides. Whether you are looking for weight loss, fat loss, post-injury conditioning or medical exercise, Tony has a program customized for you.

Jeff Tuttnauer

I am an executive for a major corporation and travel across the country every week About three months ago I made a conscious decision that I wanted to get back in physical shape, as well as being able to feel better about myself. I was introduced to Tony three months ago. At a time I was introduced, I wasn't sure whether or not I would be totally motivated or committed to doing the workouts that would be necessary to feel better. Tony is an individual who is very motivating. Tony was very courteous in terms of how he worked with me. He built me of slowly to the point of which that every session we had together I physically got better and better and better. To the point that after the three months of working out I have now more energy than ever before, mentally I am sharper than before, the stress level that I had before has dramatically gone down and every day I actually look forward to physically working out. I now have my own regimen that I follow and independently do. I have to thank Tony for all that he's done for me over the past three months.


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Alice Heinrich

80 years young

Richard Humphrey

I am pleased to have the opportunity of providing Mr. Tony Avilez with an endorsement as a first-class fitness professional. I have had the privilege of working with Tony as a one-on-one client over the past two years. In ripe middle age, I am a physical testament to the validity of his insightful expertise and personalized training recommendations. His ability to inspire self-confidence while administering the stern discipline required for success in one's health goals is a gift. Tony listens to his client's aspirations and provides well-researched mentorship to achieve them. He communicates effectively with a no nonsense, get-busy commitment that makes the client trust his insightful expertise and mentorship. There are no easy solutions to feeling great - about our bodies, about ourselves. However, my experience has proven that having Tony Avilez there as a knowledgeable partner for those willing to do the work will guarantee results.

Allie Casey

Allison Deluca, Miss Staten Island 2017
I have to give a HUGE shoutout to my AMAZING trainer Tony Books Avilez. I don't think I have ever felt as good as I did in swimsuit last weekend. All of the Hindu push ups were totally worth it! -